Let them SHINE

blog post let others shine.jpg

I do love to be inspired. Some people poo-poo those social media posts that give one liners to lift your spirits, but I love them. At least, I love the ones that I love. Because there are plenty out there that I don’t connect with at all.

But I’ve had my eye on The Moon Deck of cards for a while now. There are many things about it to love (for me, anyway). The cards celebrate the feminine (more of that, please!), are not a dogmatic “system” with rules (zero tolerance for dogma), and are locally made and sold.

Not that I believe in the efficacy, but for fun, I took my time with my first “draw.” I lit a little palo santo to infuse a yummy, smokey, cleanse in to the whole thing, and sat with my eyes closed, hands on the spread out deck of cards. I even asked a question (I never do that).

Actually, I made a statement: “I want to be a more loving parent.”

I fought with my kid this morning. Yuck.

So there I sat, not pretending that one of the cards was “speaking” to me, but just letting myself sit still and quiet long enough to make a shift out of one frame of mind to another. I breathed. I smiled a bit as that loving mother feeling melted over me and through me. I asked myself whether that feeling was anywhere in my hands, and decided that it was.

Drawing the card under my right palm, I was delighted to see that it “worked.” Which, to a skeptic like me, just means I saw the meaning and value of the card I chose immediately. And that was enough for me.

"When I let others shine, I shine too." If that's not a great message for a parent who wants to love more, and see her children happy, I don't know what is.

I’m back to my skeptical self, within seconds, but with a little more warmth in my heart and appreciation for those who make words and tools for us as reminders to sit still, feel, and listen to the messages in our hearts.