Newsletter: April 5th, 2015


Greetings! Last month I dove in head first to something I've wanted to do for some time. I became certified to teach Primal Yoga® Flow, and I can't wait to share it with you. Primal Yoga® is a beautiful and seemless blend of the yoga that we know and love with the Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu, Qigong, and Taiji.

Once I started learning the sequences, I felt as if my body had been waiting 10 years to move like that - since the day I left the karate dojo and stepped on to a yoga mat. I hope to open a dedicated class soon, but you'll get a taste of it in my power yoga classes, and I hope you find the infusion of martial arts as exciting as I do. 

During my training, I was particularly moved by the focus of Primal Yoga® on tapping in to the body's own innate healing wisdom. You'll experience this both in the fluidity of movement and in breathwork. Just as in Hatha/Power Yoga, there are many layers of beginning to advanced moves, and I think that the practice can be tailored beautifully to all levels. 

If you didn't already know, I also teach private yoga sessions. Please get in touch if you or someone you know could benefit from a one on one weekly practice. It's great for anyone who has difficulty getting to a studio, for anyone wanting to focus on particular poses to push their practice to the next level, and definitely for anyone with chronic conditions that need extra attention.

As a cancer survivor, I also specialize in therapeutic yoga during and after cancer treatment, and the Primal Yoga® Flow practice will offer so much more to anyone who needs extra healing.

For group power yoga classes, please come practice in Santa Monica with me on Wednesday nights if you can! Full weekly schedule and locations on my website.

Wtih so much gratitude for your love and support,



Every Wednesday
8:15 pm

The beautiful practice space at Power Yoga East is open, airy, and steeped with history. 

Best part: it's the original donation based studio here in California. Everyone is welcome. No memberships.

Suggested donation is $15, but just come to practice, and give what you can.

Hoping to add more days/times soon, but for now, commit your Wednesday nights to being on your mat! You know you will thank yourself if you do.

Full schedule of weekly classes on my website.


Upcoming events for you to try Primal Yoga® Flow, led by it's creator, Liz Arch. I won't be teaching these FREE classes, but we can practice together!

Please join me!

Sunday April 12
Athleta, Santa Monica
1318 Third Street Promenade
Doors open 9:30am
Yoga Class 9:45

Sunday April 19
Athleta @ The Grove
Doors open 8:30am
Yoga class 8:45

Free gifts from MindBodyGreen
while supplies last!


OK, the photo is from the dojo, but you get the idea. 

Saturday April 18

Bring your friends and kids along for a short, guided ride from El Rincon Elementary to Lindberg Park where we meet for a 45 minute family friendly class.

You'll get a taste of both Hatha and Primal Yoga® Flow, try some balancing poses with your kids, and get a little meditation in to boot.

Collaboration event with Culver City Bike Coalition. Link to the event details here

Many of you have asked about the music I play in class. Here are a few links to my playlists on Spotify: March 1March 10, and March 15. Enjoy!