Welcome Spring!


When the darkness of winter gives way to spring, we feel an urgency inside to lighten up, to expand, to bloom. As you open up to the light of the season, let it wash over you, let it wash over everything you do.

But try not to run too quickly away from the dark. It's still there. You are both darkness and light, yin and yang, always, and learning how to love both the light and dark can be deeply healing.

Join me for a very special class to honor the shift in seasons:

Spring Solstice Mala THIS Saturday,
March 19th, 5:00-6:30pm @ Yoga Vista.

We will take a moment to lovingly recognize the darkness, and then flow together as we dedicate 108 sun salutations to the light of the season ahead. 


Sitting still is such a powerful gift that we can give ourselves. I feel that the power of meditation may be equal to the effort it takes to cultivate the habit of sitting still. In other words, it's really hard for me to make the time to sit every day, but the powerful shift that happens when I do... WOW.

To help me cultivate the habit of sitting just once per day, I started a 108 day meditation challenge with a group of friends. When we sit, we send a text to the group to check in. There are no expectations. There is no competition. Just love, support, and encouragement among friends to remind us all to take the time each day. 

Meditation can take many forms. You can sit in silence. You can listen to music. You can practice walking meditation. You can listen to guided meditations on a number of apps and podcasts.

Rest assured that there is no right way of meditating. It's about finding stillness. There are techniques, of course, that will help, but if you sit still and close your eyes for 10 minutes but your mind races the whole time, don't worry, it still counts. With practice, you will notice that the mind may still race away, but perhaps you find a moment or two of stillness in between thoughts. And then longer moments. And then you see the thoughts floating by without any urge to latch on to them.

If you are interested in developing a meditation practice, try reaching out to a few friends and starting your own 30 day meditation challenge. You can even incentivize it with a celebratory outing at the end, but as you go from day one to thirty, try to take out any criticism for missing a day, or three, or seven, and just keep trying. Keep sitting. Keep encouraging your friends to do the same.

If you would like me to guide you, gather your friends and lets book a month of semi-private sessions once or twice a week. I would love to share some of my favorite meditations with you and give you some tools to carry on by yourselves.

Studies show that meditation breaks at work increase both productivity and employee health and happiness. If your place of employment would welcome once or twice weekly meditation sessions, please let me know. I want to expand my teaching hours in meditation and in corporate settings and would love to see you at work!


M/W/F @ 11a

Yoga Vista
T/W/Th @ 7:30p
Th 12:30p Yin/Restore

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