Why I Became a Yoga Teacher

It wasn’t on purpose. Although my mentor may say otherwise. When I signed up for my first teacher training, I had no intention of standing up in front of a class to teach. Many who go through yoga teacher training never do.

Yoga teacher training is an intense course in the anatomy and science of yoga, but also a lot of backstory - all that juicy philosophy and ancient wisdom. That’s what I thought I was there for - “to deepen my practice.” I needed more from my practice, and teacher training felt right. One of my mentors gives such a beautiful, and much-needed, dose of philosophy in her classes. She inspires me, and I wanted more.  

When I landed in training, I was quite surprised. Of course the layers and layers of yoga knowledge was more than enough to keep me excited. But during the process, all of these parts of my life, of me, that I thought had been put to rest started to come back to life: the teacher, the musician, the dancer, the artist, and the activist. It was as if opening myself up to the path of teaching yoga was opening up a dam that had been stopping the natural culmination of so many of my past endeavors, the natural flow of my own, personal energy and purpose. Of course my mentor expected something like this to happen, but I was rocked at my core.

It’s been an adjustment, this opening and rebirth of sorts. And it’s not all fun. Opening up to a truer ME means getting honest about all of the baggage that I carry around, all of the barriers I have build around myself over the years. The practice of yoga itself is a lifelong endeavor. It’s a practice of peeling away the layers and layers of our messy lives to tap into something much deeper. It takes time, and diligence. It takes effort, and compassion.

I continue to work as a student, learning from my mentors, my students, my kids, and my community. I feel such overwhelming gratitude for my own teachers, in all the different parts of my nutty life, for helping get to THIS place - this place, right here, right now, where I can teach a single yoga class and see someone transform before my very eyes. Many in the academy said “what a waste!” when I stepped out of universities and into yoga studios. No one has to convince me of the value of a liberal arts education, but in teaching yoga, I can see the impact I’m having in real time, and I know it’s real.

If you wander into my class sometime, I hope you feel welcome. I hope you feel safe enough to show up in a crappy mood, just to get on your mat. I hope that something I may say will trigger a response in you that will help you grow in some way.

I believe sincerely in the power of a committed yoga practice to heal from the inside out, and to inspire a joyful, meaningful life, as different as that may look from person to person. Come practice with me, and start to build your own community, forge your own path, go deep, get messy, and thrive.