Feng Shui Basics

If you haven’t heard me say it yet, I’m a dabbler, not a master. This feng shui stuff - I think it’s fun.

As a kid, I was always changing the furniture around in my bedroom, drawing pictures of houses with rooms and rooms and rooms in various configurations. Then I’d draw another, and another. So many ways to arrange things! Whether I acknowledged it or not, I was definitely shifting around the energy of the room each time I reconfigured it, either on paper or in my own room.

I enjoy being at home, and I enjoy it even more if the space feels clean, open, and uncluttered. I feel a personal connection, though, to some of my “stuff,” so I’m not a minimalist.

When a yoga friend offered to trade some private sessions for a feng shui consultation, I jumped at the chance. I was so inspired by what I learned that I started studying on my own, asking questions, trying things out.

My exploration into feng shui has just begun, but knowing a few of the basic guidelines makes it really easy for you to get started on your own. Hopefully you’ll find something here that inspires you to experiment with your own space.

  • Feng shui is about focusing particular energies toward manifestation of your goals.

  • There are five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Each of these elements are represented by colors, shapes, and objects made of the material itself.

  • You can use what you have. No need to go out and spend money.

  • You can apply the principles of feng shui arrangement to any size space (whole home, room, desk) by referring to the Bagua map

Let’s start with a room, because it’s usually easier to find the “mouth of qi” or a single doorway into the space. Pick a room that you’d like to freshen up. Stand in the doorway of that room, facing in. Take a look at the map below, and chose an area of your life that could use a little boost. Maybe two.

Say you’ve been wanting to pursue a new career or hobby, and you haven’t been sleeping well. The areas of the map corresponding to Health (Center), Career (Front, Center, where you’re standing), and Knowledge and Cultivation (to your left) are the areas you’ll focus on in this room.

If, for example, the shape of your whole home was such that you could overlay this map onto the blueprint, you’d divide the whole floor plan, and not just the room, into these nine sections.

Back to your new career, hobby, and health. Look in the areas of the room that correspond to Health, Knowledge, and Career. Are they cluttered? First step - clear out the clutter. What you’re going for first is a clear path for Qi to flow. And then you start to focus that energy.

In the Knowledge and Cultivation area, for example, you’d place the books or some object that represents your new hobby, or the kind of knowledge that you seek. Earth is also represented by the color yellow and squares, earthenware, pottery. What you *don’t* want in this area is a water fountain, or candles, which would deplete the kind of energy you want to cultivate.


The Bagua “map”

Where you *do* want a water fountain, or blue colored objects is around the place you are standing, if you want to cultivate growth in your career. A painting with dominant blue colors works. As do objects with softer, malleable shapes. No red triangles here. Save those for the Fire section of the room.

To cultivate health and peaceful rest, clear out the center of the room to let the energy flow more freely. Starting to make sense?

If you’d like to focus energy on the relationships in your life, including romantic ones, check out that far right corner. Is it cluttered? Are there pictures of you alone or with other people? You want pairs of things in this area, whether its people in photos, cushions, lamps, chairs.

If you’d like to find out more or have me take a look at your space, contact me through the website to schedule a consultation. I’d love to work with you!


Element Color Key

Wood: green, columnar shapes, wood material

Fire: red, orange, triangle, flame

Earth: yellow, brown, square, ceramics

Metal: white, gray, circle, metallic

Water: blue, black, waving lines, amoebic shapes, amorphous