Tired of Being So Tired?

Ever feel like you’ve got no energy? Like you can’t do one more thing? Forget about getting the list done, you don’t even have energy to look at the list?

There are any number of things that may be causing it, and I bet you already have some ideas. You’ve got to consider your physical and mental health, and I’m no doctor, so I’ll leave that to you and your hired professionals. But even without serious underlying causes, we busy people just get really tired sometimes.

If you’ve done the check in with your underlying health and just need a boost, here are a few of my favorite low energy busters.

  1. Get up and drink a glass of water, and then walk out the front door. Take a trip around the block, maybe further if it feels good. And it will feel good. Notice how much you love to just walk. Without a phone. Just walking. Outside.

  2. Take a hike. Take that “walk out the front door” up a few notches. If you’re not in an area where you have a patch of wilderness to hike in, make it an urban hike. Find a new neighborhood, and take a little time.  

  3. 36 sun salutations. Get on your mat. You may not even have to change your clothes. Just breathe your way through it, and enjoy it. Slide your mat up to the wall, and lie on your back with the back of your legs up the wall (viparita karani). Stay there for 10 minutes. Magic.

  4. Self-healing Qigong tapping. Never tried it? Come to yoga class and request that we do it as a warm up. You’ll love it. Get that Qi flowing!

First trick is to not think about it and just get up and move. Just like Isaac Newton said - bodies in motion tend to stay in motion until an outside force stops them. And sometimes, that outside force is our tricky brain saying no, it’s better to stay put. 

Once you do get up and move, your breath will deepen a bit, and your body will bounce back a bit. If you’re over scheduled, do something about that. Take a break. Move your body. And then give yourself permission to rest!