Summer Feng Shui


We all love that feeling when the spring cleaning is done, right? But the task? Not an insignificant hurdle. I like to bring a little of that sense of clearing out and renewal into every season. In the summer, it’s all about working with the heat to clear out old stuff and bring in more joy and passion to life.


I am anything but orthodox, so some of the ways that I incorporate the guidelines of feng shui may be a little outside the box from something that you have learned, but here are a few tips and suggestions that help me tap into the fire of joy and passion of summer.

First step: purge (a little or a lot). Dead weight is just slowing you down, physically and energetically. Summer is a time of expansion, a time of play, so before you set time to clean up a little, go take a walk, get some sun, take a hike, go to yoga (fire sequence here), get the blood flowing, and clear your head a bit.

One of the first, most valuable tips I received in feng shui was to approach the task of clearing out with joy, positive vibes, even a sense of fun. Clearing the cobwebs with movement and feeling refreshed in the body is a great first step.

Now for the in-house purge. This can be an in-office purge. A desk purge. Yes, the bagua map of feng shui can be fit onto any size space that you want to renew and bring focus to. The fire element enhances your integrity and reputation. Feeling like you’re not getting the recognition you deserve? Want to see more of yourself rockin it out there in the world? Follow the feng shui map to the area of integrity and reputation and see if there is a whole lot of clutter there (dead weight holding you back?) or perhaps a water fountain placed there that is washing out that firey passionate energy.

Location: stand inside the door of your house (the “mouth of qi/energy flow” and facing into the main space (for example, if you walk in the door and face a wall, turn to face the room). From there, the area is in the middle (not right or left), at the back of your home.

You can apply this to every room, too. Stand inside the entrance to the room, and the far, middle section corresponds to your reputation and integrity. Same thing on your desk - far, center, from where you sit.

So, what do you find there? Something red? A candle? If not, this is where it goes, after you’ve cleared out what was there, sucking all the passion, joy, and fire out of your personal energy.

The clearing out doesn’t have to be a big spring cleaning to make a difference. Just that room, just that space.

Once you’ve cleared out the old, it’s time to liven it up. The Fire element in feng shui can be represented by the color red, triangles, and flame. Move an object here or there so that when you see it, you are reminded, “Yes. Passion. Yes, Joy. Yes, Fire,” “Yes, Integrity,” “Yes, I am recognized.”

A candle will do. A red cushion. Your diplomas and certificates of achievement go in this space (think of the whole back, middle section of the space, not just one point in the room).

Note that a little green from the wood element can feed or nourish the red of fire (a red flowering plant), but stay away from the blacks, whites, silvers, and blues of water and metal, since they diminish the potency of a firey red.

I’m no expert, just a relatively knowledgeable enthusiast. Post any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Use the hashtag # to post any photos of what you changed!

Next up: The Earth element of the harvest season: enlivening your environment to nourish your Health, Knowledge Cultivation, and Intimate Relationships.