Loving-Kindness Meditation for Kids

Loving-Kindness Meditation With Kids

Sometimes we meditate with music, sometimes just a minute or two (literally) spent quietly counting our breaths.

Sometimes, when we really want to shift our energy and attitudes, we sit together for a “Loving Kindness” meditation.

Kids need guidance to sit. Sometimes I do, too. This is a good one. Simple. But not always easy.

Loving Kindness meditation is a simple repetition of a few phrases. Modify as you see fit. Here’s how we do it.


Sitting on meditation cushions (make it different from just sitting on the sofa), holding hands (or not), we close our eyes and sit with tall spines. We take a few moments to find our breath, slow it down, and sigh a few times. Then, repeating to ourselves, we repeat the phrases “May I be happy. May I be healthy and strong. May I be filled with peace.” We do that a few times.

Next, we think of someone we love, and repeat the same phrases to ourselves, replacing “I” with their name, him, or her: “May she be happy….and so on.” We do that a few times.

Next, we think of someone with whom we are struggling, someone who has teased us, been mean, or even each other, if we’ve been arguing, and we repeat the same phrases: “May she be happy. May she be healthy and strong. May she be filled with peace.” This is the part that’s not so easy. It’s the part where the kids may protest that they don’t want to send those well wishes to someone they don’t like. I get it. It’s not easy for me, either.

So we encourage each other: “Just for this short time, at least, let’s do this,” and things like this.

We move on to our community, repeating the phrases “We” a few times each, to ourselves. And then we expand as far as we can go, sending those well wishes out to every living being, everywhere.


The kids love this. They love to feel a connection to the earth, they love to feel like they are sending out good energy. Even if just moments before they were filled with hurt and even anger. Meditation miracles ;)