We all contribute

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We all contribute. Small people, old people, women, children, brown, white, black, yellow, green, and yes, men, too.

What if we could look at each other and see the contributions that person makes to her family, her community, her nation?

Are we really in competition? For what? So your life is better than his? So you have more power than him? WHY??

We all contribute.

Let’s not build barriers. Let’s open our hearts, our homes, our tables, our communities, and be grateful for the contributions that each of us makes.

Let’s not keep our eyes turned down so that we can only see our own hardships, but lift our eyes and connect with the people around us. Let’s draw on each other’s strength when we need it, and lend our strength when some one else needs us.

We’re all human. We all contribute. See this. Chose to see it, to see all those people around you as contributors, as fully fledged, beautiful, amazing, and powerful humans, just like yourself.