#yogalife #summer2019 Week EIGHT



Hello, beautiful friend!

Labor Day weekend is upon us, and I hope very much that you get to take a break from your labors and enjoy the holiday. Let's make a promise that we'll create a weekend that will leave us feeling rejuvenated and full of life, yes? That means we may have to say no to invitations and events that would deplete us and leave us feeling exhausted.

For me, a holiday weekend is always a balance of alone time and time with my crew. I'm craving a night under the stars. I don't know if I'll get it on the beach or in the mountains, in a tent, or in the desert, but I know that I need it.

I also need some time hanging out, talking about life, and laughing with friends and family. I know myself well enough to recognize that small-talk often depletes me, so I need to connect, feel comfortable, take my time, and sink in.

What I invite you to do for this last, eighth week of our special #summer2019 #yogalife series of weekly challenges, is to make or renew your connections to others. Reach out and share some of your personal summer story with someone who will listen. Create a weekly or monthly walking date with a friend to carry you through the rest of 2019. Invite someone to spend their holiday weekend with you. Share your plans for the rest of the year with a friend, and ask them about theirs.

Reach out. We're not meant to be alone, and life is so much more beautiful when shared.

I grew up having to fend for myself in so many ways that I ended up with barriers all around me - around my schedule and around my heart. I was convinced that to ask for help, to take a break, or in any way show that I couldn't handle *every*thing on my own was a sure sign of weakness. My strength as an independent woman was too hard won to give any of it away.

Thank goodness those days of self-imposed isolation are now behind me. I ask for help all the time with absolutely no shame or self-criticism. I still cherish my alone time for the way it replenishes my energy, but I cherish the time connecting with others so much more than I used to.

Please take the chance this week to explore the balance of alone time and connection that works for you. Whatever your own personal equation happens to be, it should make you feel alive and beautifully content, connected deeply to yourself, and to others.

Thank you so much for journeying with me this summer. I'll be in touch again after a while, but in the meantime, I would love to see you, hear from you, and connect with you in person, through email, in the studio, on the bike path.

I am grateful for our connection.


- a beautiful blend of essential oils -
all together now: lime, bergamot, and basil

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
—African Proverb


invite a friend to go to a yoga class with you and maybe even go out for a cuppa after class :)

temecula retreat.jpg

Every yoga retreat is different: the energy, the intention, the location, the participants. I have three upcoming retreat locations booked that I have chosen very specifically to give us the opportunity to connect with the great healing power of nature, in nurturing comfort, even luxury. Each retreat is curated to give you time on your yoga mat, time outside, time on your meditation cushion, time on your own, and time connecting with some really beautiful humans. Registration is now open for New Year's 2019 (Joshua Tree), and will be soon for May 2020 (Yosemite) and September 2020 (south of France). Click below for more info on each and reach out to reserve your spot!

Connect deeply to yourself and to others on a Yoga Retreat!

Jennifer Winther