#yogalife #summer2019 Week FIVE

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I hope that each of you took me up on the challenge to start something new last week. Breaking out of our routines is a good thing, right?

I want to build on that. I want you to take some time this week to meditate, to move your body, to get out into nature and break out of your routine enough to clear some of the cobwebs that settle around the mundane. I want you to dream some new dreams, or remember some that you put away prematurely. 

Some of you may be ready to launch into something you've been dreaming about and working toward since the beginning of the year, and some of you may be so detached from your dreams in your daily life that what is needed is a bit of focused writing time to spark a little fire inside. It's all good. Start where you are.

It's time to bring the pen to paper.

(now would be a good time for a little aroma mist - see below!)

One powerful tool that I have learned for a five-year dream-to-real-life plan is to write a paragrah statement about myself that states who I am and what my life looks like in the present tense, as if all of my dreams are already reality. It feels a little funny to do it, but it's powerful. Important note: *it doesn't matter* how far you think you are from your dreams. Don't change the them, don't make them smaller. Take some deep breaths and make sure the dreams that you write down are as BIG as they can be. Along the way they may change, so start BIG.

As you write, get really into the details. I am a successful..... doesn't get you where you want to go. Ask yourself what success looks like to you, and write that in as many phrases and sentences as you need to reinforce it. Present tense: I earn...  I travel to.... I communicate.... I work.... In my free time..... My relationship with....is....feels.....

Dreams are built from recognizing the details of where you want to land, aiming, and learning the skills it takes to get there. That kind of work is worth it, yes? 

To start the work, promise yourself to be honest with where you are. Keep reminding yourself to be open and willing to do the work, because dreams don't just come alive with magic. They take work. And that starts with YOU. This is all about *your* dreams, so no comparing with others, no shoulds, no projecting, just YOU. Take a look at where you will be in five years, and start breaking it down into steps that you will take THIS WEEK. Fill out a calendar for the rest of 2019 with as many realistic dates/goals as you need to move closer to realizing your dreams. It won't happen overnight, and it won't happen without work, but we're in this together, so remember that you are supported.

Dream BIG, my friend, and get to work :) because it'll feel *so fantastic* to look back and be able to say honestly that your dreams started to come to life in the summer of 2019. Won't it? Don't forget to post your dreams, your plans, your progress, and tag me so I can support you (@jenniferwintheryoga #yogalife #summer2019)

Right there with you,


essential oil blend for the week to clear your head:
lemon, lavender, and peppermint

(switch out lavender for eucalyptus for a really refreshing kick)

You can’t cross the sea
merely by standing
and staring at the water

― Rabindranath Tagore


10 to 36 (or more!) sun salutations to get the blood flowing

(if your shoulders need a break, try 1/2 salutations every other day and add a few low lunges (crescent moon) to stretch it out any time you need it!)

to reset and rest: neck stretches, then

supta baddha konasana with allll the props

(blanket roll around the ankles and a ramp for the spine made of blocks and a bolster)

Bardouly MG_6792.jpg

It is a dream fulfilled for me to be able to invite you to join me on this weeklong retreat to the south of France.

My yoga-teacher partner and native Belgian, Diane Magnette, traveled to Dordogne as a child and has shared some beautiful stories of the region's magic with me.

Together, we have rented a beautifully restored chateau situated within hundreds of acres of trails, and staffed with knowledgeable, wonderful people, including a talented local chef.

Not one detail will be overlooked on this marvelous retreat of yoga and South-of-France local adventures.

Respond to this email to be included when we announce early-bird package reservations for September 2020. And in the meantime, head to the retreats section of my webpage and click on the photo for more beautiful shots of the chateau and the region.