#yogalife #summer2019 Week FOUR


New Experiences. New Adventures.

I can't believe we've actually done it, but my daughter and I are currently in Costa Rica for a magical mama/daughter retreat. As someone of mixed Asian and European descent, my international travel from when I was very young has been to the east or west. It's more familiar. It's easier. I speak the languages. Only once have I traveled south, and I'm really excited to do it again. This time, on an adventure with my daughter.

When my friend Megan (of B4BC) announced that she and her daughter had put together a retreat for mothers and daughters to adventure together, I knew it was right. We can't really afford it financially, but we're making it work, because we need some adventure, some bonding, and some magic, before my daughter starts middle school in the fall.

How about you? Is there an adventure beckoning you that you are talking yourself out of? Are those (crazy and unfounded) thoughts of I don't deserve it, I don't have the time, I don't speak the language, or I'm scared of.... stopping you from doing something that you know in your heart and in your gut is right and good and will light up your life?

Let me tell you something. Life is short. And you deserve to enjoy yours. Creating cherished memories for yourself, with your loved ones or on your own, is what reminds us how alive we are.

It doesn't have to be travel, although I am convinced that travel is an essential part of life. And travel does not have to be international, luxurious, or costly. How about a local, urban hike to a part of your city that you want to explore?

Or maybe your new adventure is a local, new experience of signing up for a pottery class? a hiking club? a writer's workshop?

Make a list of some new things that you are afraid of trying, or that you think you don't deserve. Choose one or two that make your heart beat harder and that make you smile, and then start making plans. Maybe it's something you can do this week, or very soon. Maybe it's something that you book a reservation for now that doesn't happen for a half a year or even more. Plan it anyway.

Remember that feng shui from last week? Here's a little more, for those who would like to stimulate some growth in their life for travel and/or new knowledge:

To find the energetic space in your house of travel and adventure or new knowledge and wisdom, stand in the main doorway (to the house or to the room). To your right is travel, to your left is knowledge. Travel is goverened by the metal element, so photos of places you want to travel to in metal frames are perfect reminders of what you're planning for. Metals, circles, white, silver, and mauve colors work well to cultivate energy of new adventure. Knowledge and wisdom, to your left, is governed by the earth element. Wooden bookshelves, or a square, wooden table can house your books and brochures of new classes, new knowledge, a new journal, even, to record your new adventures and experiences. Blue, blue-green, and earth tones work well here, too.

Remember that the first step in any new adventure, especially when we are trying to enhance it with feng shui energy, is to clear out the old to make room for the new. Maybe that's clearing out some space in your home, or even making the list of the things you think you should do before you give yourself permission to try something new. Make the list, and then cross those things off. If you're in a place where it's safe to do it, burn the list and say goodbye to the things that have held you back.

Be brave, my friend. Trust yourself enough to say yes to a new experience or new adventure this week, and to let go of the old stuff. Post what you've said YES to, to share it with us! (tag @jenniferwintheryoga #yogalife #summer2019)


lemongrass and cedar

I love this blend of essential oils when I need to feel both grounded and uplifted - perfect for the start of a new adventure!

i am not afraid of storms
for i am learning how to sail my ship
- louisa may alcott


add some side stretches
1/2 sun salutations - 5 or 10 rounds
chair pose
interlace your hands behind you and fold down
forward fold twists - let them flow with each breath
inversions! practice them safely and have fun!

YTT 3.jpeg

One of the best decisions I ever made was to put aside all of the shoulds that were built into my life to start something that I knew in my heart and in my gut was right. It was not easy to let go of those shoulds but my life is so much better for having the courage to trust myself.

Yoga teacher training is not about mastering poses. If health and healing for yourself and for your community is something that you want your life to be about, join me in September for a transformational journey. I've partnered with an amazing woman and teacher for this. Check out my website for a bunch of details: JenniferWinther.com/trainings and then respond to this emails with any questions, big or small. I'd love for you to join us! Let's chat if you're even a little bit curious :)