#yogalife #summer2019 Week ONE


What have you learned so far in 2019?

Hello, yogi!

At mid-summer, it's time to check in. Take a few moments to think about, even write down, the things you have learned so far this year (I'm always a fan of writing it down in a journal and have a few going at any given time).

You've grown. You've evolved. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. If you've tuned into the sun, moon, eclipses, and natural cycles, perhaps you've been processing a lot this year. If you haven't, no matter. You can choose to tune in today.

When you've taken time to acknowledge and appreciate what you've learned and how you've grown already this year, take a little more time to write down your accomplishments. Even the small ones. Especially the small ones. Remind yourself how important each small step can be.

It feels good to recognize our progress, right? These #yogalife #summer2019 emails over the next few weeks aim simply to give you a little nudge to remember to tune into your heart, your life, your patterns, your health. They aim to remind you that you are important enough for you to stop the busyness and pay attention to yourself. Even if for just a short time, but hopefully longer, and hopefully more frequently.

So here we are, mid-summer, appreciating how far we've come in just six months. Before the year ends, wouldn't it be great to add some *unlearning* to our accomplishments? Make a list. Make it good. Cross off all the unrealistic things that you'll feel bad about not accomplishing. What's left is the real stuff.

*Unlearning* habits isn't easy, but here's your nudge. Set your sights on December, but see each month between now and then. July: what can you start to *unlearn*?

Need to clear your head? Try blending lemon or basil essential oil with

rosemary or ginger in a diffuser when you sit down to write

Unlearn the moments of trying to fit in.
Take a step, instead, toward yourself.


Writing it down is an important step. But the things that we want to unlearn need to be unlocked from the physical body as well as processed in the mind. Maybe you start with writing, maybe you start with yoga. Both are essential to lasting change. If you can't get to a class, take a few moments at home to move and sink into your breath:

  • Begin seated, on your heels, with crossed shins, or on a cushion

  • Lift and straigthen the arms into a V shape over your head

  • Breath of fire, two rounds, resting with hands on your heart in between

  • Downward dog 5-10 breaths

  • Walk your hands back to your feet to a standing forward fold, 5-10 breaths

  • Rise to standing, 5-10 half surya A sun salutations

  • Lunge and straighten each leg, 5-10 breaths

  • Temple pose with hands on heart

  • Happy baby

  • Supine twists

  • Savasana

  • Meditate on your capacity to unlearn

Yoga Lab_ Inversions 2(1).jpeg

This is a fun, open-studio workshop. All levels welcome!