#yogalife #summer2019 Week SEVEN

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Let's do this.

I hate to say it, but summer is almost over! The intention behind these weekly emails was to try help you (and me) stay connected to the fleeting time that is summer break on our own terms, and I do hope they made a little bit of an impact. We've taken steps back from the mundane to listen, to dream, set goals, and make plans, and I hope you've de-cluttered a bit, too.

This week, I'm pausing to get organized, because as much as I tried to stay tuned in, I still feel like I lost some time over the past couple of months and I need to regroup. Autumn may not start for another month officially, but my world shifts a lot in the next couple of weeks as the kids head into another transitional school year (one to high school and the other to middle school! whaaat?!) and I dive into our much anticipated Yoga Teacher Training (so excited!)

This week, let's pause and think about what organizational tools help us stay tuned in, on top of things, and in our sweetest groove. Maybe it's time to try something new if you're feeling like time isn't on your side? Getting a new system up and running is no small task, but perhaps that's a terrific plan for this week!

One of you lovely yogis shared with me last week that your front door is loaded with post-its lined up for the days of the week. Wow. I love that! My post-its are usually on the computer. And they're usually nothing more than task lists. It works well for me but I'm really intrigued by the front door thing.

I bet that some of you are much more comfortable with phone app or online calendars than I am. We still depend on a big, paper, family calendar to keep track of where each of the four of us are on any given day. I can't imagine getting through a week without it. Old school :)

We also have painted one wall in the house with eraseable white board paint. It's awesome. It's where we write down the big stuff. Projects. Inspiration. Love notes. Drawings. I highly recommend this. It's fun! And really useful. (My original idea was for a huge drop cloth for an ongoing, collaborative art piece, but my husband couldn't quite get on board with that one). 

I use personal journals and files to keep a lot of things organized, but the good stuff inside them gets buried sometimes. I want a new way to organize that really good stuff in a way that it can be woven into my every day routine.

This week, I'm going to add some new post-its and see how it goes. Maybe a nice note on the door for my husband who leaves for work before the rest of us wake up? And maybe one on the snack bin to motivate everyone to go to the fresh fruit first? A note on the TV remote with the title of the book I want to read might help! Those goals and dreams and plans.... they're going on to post-its, too, to keep reminding me of the things that I love to spend my time on. 

I'm all for a full day of work, for family time, sweaty time, relaxing, demonstrating in the streets, activism, service, and time just to be on my own. I think I can have that all if I stay organized just a little bit more. Because every day, life happens in very interrupting kinds of ways, but the little notes here and there will remind and inspire me, and help regroup and refocus more easily.

Here's to a little more focus and organization in our lives, to easefull transitions, and inspired days.


some essential oil blend options:
"get it done" / lime, frankincense, peppermint
"fully focused" / lemon, rosemary, cinnamon
"one step at a time" / lavendar, ylang ylang, chamomile

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt



start in table top pose
lift your knees a few inches to tap into some strength
add an extended leg and take some slow, focused, tuned-in reps

seated, as if ready to lift your toes into boat pose, lean back, and keep your ribs drawing towards each other
open and close straight arms 5-10 times
do three sets of those, slouching forward to soften and rest in between
tip back into navasana, boat pose, and breathe
downward facing dog dog to center and get grounded
tiger crunches (knee to nose and extend again a few reps)
warrior II to temple, each with a few breaths
warrior II, reverse, downward facing dog
navasana one more time
fish pose
supta baddha konasana on your back


In just two short weeks, Diane Magnette and I will start to lead an amazing group of yoga teacher trainees toward certification. There are just a few spots still open to register, and I know that some of you have been thinking about joining us. Let me say this: you are not going to just learn about yoga. You will embody it. You will learn to teach it, and you will create lasting friendships in a wonderful community. Your life will change. For the better.

This training will be such an amazing journey, and we hope you'll join us. Just for fun, and to sweeten that moment when you choose to invest time, energy, and money in yourself, we've put together a gift box for everyone who signs up in these last two weeks.

This time next week, we'll send out a welcome email to the whole, incoming class, so click the button below to sign up and claim these awesome gifts:

  • Manduka eQua hand towel for those extra sweaty classes

  • Yoga Tune-Up balls to work out those knots in your body

  • Big Manduka headband, you know those ones that don't slide off your head after one downdog

  • Love Infinity For All journal with inspiring quotes and plenty of space for you to take meaningful notes

  • Cuccio somatology mat wipes to clean and refresh your mat no matter how much you sweat