#yogalife #summer2019 Week SIX



We're dreaming big, but the steps between here and there might be very small at times. I'm OK with that. I hope you are, too.

When we set our sights on moving towards something, growing something, building something, achieving something, our plans can get overly complicated. Quickly. Often.

Let's try to simplify this week. 

What is essential? For your health, for your emotional well-being? Those things stay. Those things are worth putting your energy into. 

Simplify your list of where your energy goes this week. Get rid of the "shoulds" and stick with the essentials.

Wouldn't it be something if we simplified *too much* this week and started next week feeling like we had all this time and energy to put back into our daily pursuits?

Simplify the steps you take this week. As long as you're still heading in the right direction, it's OK to pace yourself. The journey matters, right? Don't forget to acknowledge all the small accomplishments at the end of each day. They count.

Let's take out the fear of not doing the right thing, not doing enough, or not knowing all the answers before we start. Let's get grounded in the intuitive knowledge that clearing the mind (and our schedules) of clutter is a good thing. A productive thing, even, and most definitely a step forward. 

This week: Simplify your meals. Simplify your schedule. Simplify your task list. Simplify your morning routine.

I feel better already!


essential oil for the week, inspired by my travels to costa rica:

ylang ylang

to calm the mind

be not afraid of going slowly
be afraid only of standing still


take it easy
add on when you want to
get quiet when you need to
table top to cat/cow or hip circles
down dog, let yourself move freely for a bit
then stillness
lizard pose, stretch
low lunge, open
half splits, lengthen
add a twist to feel movement and wringing out
virasana, sit quietly and notice your breath
lie down for some twists, and let yourself flow a bit if you want to before you drop in
meditation, allowing yourself to recognize the small accomplishments of your day

El Segundo open.jpeg

Lara Estrada, the owner of Yoga Bliss, is one of the most inspiring women I have the pleasure of knowing. She has opened a second Yoga Bliss studio on Grand Avenue in El Segundo and I have the great privilege of teaching there. Come practice! We'll build the community together! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon. See you there!