#yogalife #summer2019 Week THREE


Self-Care. Rest. Earth (element).

When we're busy with work, with kids, with parents, with activism, with service, with life, the first thing to go is usually our health. You've heard it many times, but truly, you really need to take some time to rest, relax, and even pamper yourself. Rest is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you've spent the past week cleansing and detoxifying your body, or building up toxins with stress and overwork (or anything in between!), this week is all about relaxing, resting, and giving yourself some of the love that you give to others.

In modern feng shui, the Health area of your home is at the very center. As you walk into your home from the door, pause, and direct your energy to the center area of the whole space (as well as you can, given the specific layout of your home). This is the Health area, governed by the EARTH element.

The EARTH element symbolizes stability and balance. Stones, ceramics, crystals, and earth tones harmonize the energy of this space to enhance your focus on your health. It's not magical or mystical. Think of it as a reminder that every time you see the object or colors that you've carefully chosen for this space that you're committed to your own health. It's a nudge. A reminder. Impermanent, and helpful.

If the center of your home isn't the right place for you to create a health-centered haven this week, perhaps the center area of your bedroom, your office, even your desk, could use a little feng shui makeover? Is there are wall near the center of your home that you can use for a restorative yoga practice? (see below #onthemat) 

Commit right now to scheduling three things that you are going to do this week to take care of yourself. Small luxuries. Big ones. Maybe a little feng shui? Something that makes you smile. Something that lets you relax. Something that makes you feel truly blessed, blissed, peaceful and at   e  a  s  e.

And hey, if it's your thing, please post photos of your self-care week and tag me so I don't miss them (@jenniferwintheryoga)! I need the nudges, too :)

Happy relaxing, my friend,


essential oil blend for the week to boost your immune system:
cinnamon, clove, lemon, and rosemary

find a little zen in your day

meditation mantra for your week:

i have enough, i do enough, i am enough


rest, relax, and rejeuvenate
5-10 minutes each:
child's pose
leg's up the wall

Cactus Moon 1.jpeg

What better way to close 2019 and open 2020 than by relaxing, yoga-ing, meditating, and soaking up the magic of a star-filled desert sky? Space is very limited for this small-group retreat, so chat with your friends and reach out to reserve your spots now! Special packages for groups of 3-4 people sharing a room. More photos on my website.

Jennifer Winther