#yogalife #summer2019 Week TWO


Time to lighten the load

 Unlearning anything lately?

I hope you found last week's nudge helpful. I always love the reminder, especially when I'm asking myself to push outside my comfort zone, that I'm not alone. We've all got a bunch of things that we need/want to unlearn. Know that you're not the only one.

Maybe you're still struggling to commit to unlearning something? That's OK. Start your list today if you haven't already. Whether you're getting over the hurdle of committing (setting hurdles might be something to unlearn??) or ready to move forward a little more, setting new goals and learning new things takes clarity of purpose. And I find that clarity often comes easier after a good rinse, or even a good, deep cleanse.

Let's take this week to do some clearing out, to lighten up physically, emotionally, and energetically. There are so many options:

  • Commit to a three-day juice or soup cleanse. Commit to just breakfast/lunch with a light, healthy dinner if three days in a row is too much.

  • Take a walk every day this week after dinner. The summer evening air is delicious.

  • A day at the beach will always do the trick: sun, waves, rest. Best cleanse ever.

  • Commit to practicing yoga every day this week, and make sure at least 2-3 of those practices are yin or restorative yoga.

  • Release the grip of habit and take a digital day off (or a week? A couple of days? Set hours each day where you turn your phone off and set it aside)

  • Clear out your closet. Your bedroom. Your desk. Your garage. Do it this week.

  • Let. Yourself. Sleep. More. This is perhaps the most powerful reset. Try it. All week. Commit before you start because it might be harder than you think! (But SO worth it!)

Happy cleansing!


Nothing clears the head like a good wiff of eucalyptus essential oil. We mist it straight at our house, but sometimes, we like to blend eucalyptus with lemon and peppermint and take some really deep breaths.

sweat it out. sing it out. write it out.
breathe it out. rinse it out.
do what it takes to refresh your body, mind, and soul.


A week of cleansing is no joke. It can be as unsettling at times as it is refreshing at others. Time on your mat can really help to ground and center you when you're intentionally shaking things up. Whether it's 10 minutes or 60, commit to getting on your mat every day this week. The sequence below will enhance the cleansing and rinsing you're doing, but even if you choose to do your own thing and keep it really simple for 10 minutes each day, you will find solace when you land on that mat and start to breathe. Make the time.

  • child's pose

  • table top pose with cat/cow breathing

  • camel pose, sweeping if you like

  • down facing dog, take your time

  • anjaneyasana (crescent moon), stay there for some side stretching and twisting with prayer hands or open arms

  • malasana, a low, wide squat to get grounded again

  • seated twists, to connect with earth below, heaven above

  • bound angle fold, keep that spine long

  • supine twists, a last wringing out

  • savasana

  • meditation with the mantra "I am light"

Cactus Moon 4.jpeg

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