Yoga Lab: Inversions at Yoga Bliss
12:00 PM12:00

Yoga Lab: Inversions at Yoga Bliss

Saturday, July 20th

12-1pm at Yoga Bliss

$20 in advance // $25 day of

Join Jennifer and other inversion-loving, inversion-curious yogis for an "open studio" inversion lab. Everyone is welcome. You get to use the space to practice inversions safely and get help with whatever you need.

You missed the workshops on setting up inversions, but really want to ask questions, get tips, and learn how to go upside down safely. This is for you!

You're starting to get the hang of going upside down but you need more practice and there's not enough time during your regular yoga class. This is for you, too!

You want to practice balancing upside down but don't have enough room in your home and need the space. Yes, this is for you, too!

Sign up early to save a few bucks :) xojw

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FREE Info session for upcoming YTT
to Jun 23

FREE Info session for upcoming YTT

Wondering what makes up 200 hours of yoga teacher training? Curious but not sure if you want to commit? We get it.

You love yoga, teacher training sounds kind of cool, maybe even awesome, but you’ve got questions.

We’re going to cozy on up at the studio with you (with tea and treats, of course) and answer     A L L of those questions!

You know it’s a one-of-a-kind program. You know it will be transformational. But those silly doubts linger: I can’t do an A+ handstand (that’s not what it’s about); I don’t want to teach full time, maybe not at all (that’s not what it’s about); I’m not strong enough, flexible enough, experienced enough, super-model-y enough (that’s not what it’s about).

When: Saturday, June 22 @ 12:45*

Where: yogaraj (moon room and training room upstairs)

How much: FREE

Who should attend:

  • Aspiring yoga teachers and yogis already enrolled

  • Aspiring yoga teachers and yogis who need questions answered before enrolling

  • Current yoga teachers who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of yoga

  • Yogis who want to nerd out for 11 weeks with an amazing community, but not teach

  • Part-time yoga teachers who want to up their teaching game

  • Yogis who want a deeper knowledge and understanding of yoga

  • Yogis who want a deeper knowledge and understanding of themselves

What you can expect:

  • Q & A with Jennifer and Diane, no question is too small

  • Meet potential classmates

  • Browse through some fun yoga books

  • Check out the training space upstairs

  • Tea and treats and community and laughter

  • Discount for sign-ups at / immediately following the info session**

* Info session starts immediately after Diane’s 11 am class. You can check in to her class as a guest for free if you are coming to the info session! Sign up here.

** $200 discount (!!) for sign-ups at the session ($500 non-refundable deposit through by the end of the weekend; payment plans available - ask about it at the session!)

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Workshop: Inversions 102
3:30 PM15:30

Workshop: Inversions 102

Join me for another trip upside down Yoga Bliss Review set-ups from last month's Inversion Basics Workshop for Handstands, Forearm Balance, and Headstands. Warm up, then lift off! You get to choose what inversions work best for you and practice them safely without rushing. Inversion beginners welcome! Saturday, June 8th at 3:30 pm: $25 in advance / $30 day of Pre-register here All levels welcome!

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