Make the time, Keep showing up, and feel your life fall in to place.

Walking in the studio door for the first time can be tough for any of us, so I choose to teach only in studios where everyone is welcome. Come as you are.

Finding a groove with a regular practice can change your life in unexpected and delightful ways. Keep showing up.



Tuesdays 9am and 5pm (vinyasa)

Thursdays 9am and 5pm (vinyasa)

YOGA BLISS, El Segundo

Tuesdays 12 pm (vinyasa + yin)

Thursdays 12 pm (vinyasa + yin)

Wende Museum garden, culver city

Wednesdays 9am (vinyasa)


Fridays 9am (vinyasa)

Fridays 4:30pm (yin)

Sundays 8am (vinyasa)

Sundays 9:30am (basics)

I love sharing space and energy with her and others. It’s an intensive prayer to center my core; mind, body, spirit. I leave replenished, happy, and sore!
— Christine Vega, M.ED