Welcome! I hope we get to meet soon, if we haven't already. I find yoga to be a deeply healing practice for the mind, body, and soul, and I am passionate about creating the space for you to develop a practice of healing from both within yourself and in community.

I believe that each personal yoga practice is profoundly unique, and encourage you to let go of any desires to compare your practice to others, or to judge your own practice. I believe that when practiced in community, yoga takes on another, even deeper level of healing. When we can find strength in ourselves and in others, and when we take the time to tune in to our bodies and our breath, transformation begins.  

Whether you think you want to start a practice in private or semi-private sessions, or you would like to join a community of yogis in group classes, please get in touch. I would LOVE to meet you! 

With much love, and much gratitude,